What if you ran your life like a successful CEO runs a multi-million dollar business? The PRISM program guides you through evaluating and improving every area of your life with the clarity of an MBA in Happiness.

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You will have the option of working directly with Bart Baggett as your changing habits, encouring you to take action, and support you with executive level tools and processesed previously reserved for only the C-Suite Executive with a 7 figure salary.

Have a conversation with our office to discover which consultant personality type and experience fits you and your needs. If you are interested in learning more, simply set up a PRISM strategy sesssion with our team to see if this program is a good fit for you.

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Learn more about the Prism Life Design 6-12 month personalized Life Transformational Coaching and Certification Program.

Imagine getting area of your life aligned with your highest values, life purpose, and revamp your career in the "flow" of your ideal lifestyle. And, if you run your life using this system, you double your income and double your happiness?

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Recommended Top Tier Consultants   Contact Info
Pooja Saran   +91-96-11355118
Kerala, INDIA    
Crystal Mewhorter    
South Carolina, USA   1-757-324-5836
Stephanie Stuer    
Dallas, Texas, USA   1-469-463-7120

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We service clients worldwide.

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