What if you ran your life like a successful CEO runs a multi-million dollar business? The PRISM program guides you through evaluating and improving every area of your life with the clarity of an MBA in Happiness.

Imagine getting area of your life aligned with your highest values, life purpose, and revamp your career in the "flow" of your ideal lifestyle. And, if you run your life using this system, you double your income and double your happiness?

Sounds Good. Read on.

Option One- Prism Life Design level one breakthrough program

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Option Two - Certification Program One Year Program

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The Core Curriculum is PRISM Level One
Your Happiest Month Ever

PRISM Life Design Level One: Your Happiest Month Ever is a series of live workshops designed to reprogram your brain and install the daily habits of the world's most successful and genuinely happy people.


This comprehensive course and group coaching program is the most complete and up-to-date of any program who sole outcome is MORE HAPPINESS and FULFILLMENT for you.

Every week in this program, we host live small-group coaching calls to introduce and reinforce the lessons you learn in the PRISM LEVEL ONE Happies Month Ever membership area. You get the best of both worlds: the proven training from the PRISM method AND the hands-on customized support from Bart Baggett and his team of Certified PRISM Life Design Consultants.

In this hands-on program, we help you develop new daily habits, align your goals with your deepest values, get clear on your mission statement, and track those new success habits using the 30 Day Happiness Journal.

The PRISM Life Design program is an intense look into your personality, values, wants, desires, and the bigger purpose. When you take this close look into how your unconscious plays an important role in achieving or sabotoging your happiness, you can customize a daily routine that lead your unconcious mind into helping you move forward to authentic success while boosting both your happiness levels AND your overall success in all areas of life.

The program is divided into four modules and can be completed in about 6 weeks, depending on your schedule.


We are accepting enrollments now. Press here to learn more and secure your seat in this amazing program. Live classes are starting next week.

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